Release Notes

19.11.12 (2019 November 12) #MMSJazz Edition

Learn all about ContentPacks here

19.10.31 (2019 October 31) Halloween Edition has a Variable issue ... so make sure you are on

Directory Names

Directory Changes in this release add ContentPacks and rename Media. ContentPacks will be fully enabled in the OSDBuilder MMSJazz Edition. Media (which contained downloaded FeatureUpdates) has been renamed to FeatureUpdates


Now more transparent if you need an Update and some other changes


Yes you can go straight from Import to an OSBuild with NetFX enabled!

  • SkipGridView is now an alias for the new SkipGrid parameter. Either can be used going forward

  • UpdateOSMedia is now an alias for the new Update parameter. Either can be used going forward

  • BuildNetFX creates a new OSBuild with NetFX 3.5 enabled


These will be enabled in the OSDbuilder MMSJazz Edition, but unfortunately there is a cost. You will have to give up using Drivers, ExtraFiles, Registry, and Scripts in Templates. You have some options:

  • If they are not using them, delete them so you can be ready for ContentPacks

  • If you are using them, keep using them (for now), but you will have to migrate to ContentPacks soon enough. Adapt.

They will continue to work for existing OSDBuilder Home paths, but not be created going forward for new OSDBuilder Home paths. Can they co-exist? Sure, but at this point I am putting all efforts into BuildPacks, and would rather kill off the duplicate functionality in Templates

Can I keep using Template JSON Files?

Yes, there are no plans to change this

Why the change to ContentPacks?

For me, I never could use Template Content as much as I would have liked because while I design and support OSDBuilder, I also have my day job of supporting 'The Company'

This meant that I had to keep my content separate in different OSDBuilder Home directories ... often at times duplicating Updates, etc. It became rather time consuming, and let's be honest. I made OSDBuilder for me and my team first, and shared it with everyone else secondary (this isn't a paid job after all). So it seems I could never fully develop Templates as I actually need multiple Templates ... so after a few beers, and some silly names (LootCrate, ConfigPacks, OSDBuilderPackages, Box, BuildPacks) I decided on ContentPacks (one word, not two) because they are intended to replace the usage of the Content directories


If you are attending my MMSJazz sessions, send me a DM on Twitter so I can get you a separate build of OSDBuilder :)