Intel Ethernet

Download the Drivers you need. These should be in EXE format (self extracting), but 7-Zip can expand them. No need to rename these directories, we have some work to do

This is the tricky one, so please keep up. Give the extracted drivers a friendly name. Now create empty directories for as many Operating Systems that you support in OSBuilder

Drilling down into each remaining directory, you will find a readme.txt which tells you what OS is supported

Go through each of the directories and each of the readme.txt. Delete the directories you don't care about, and move the ones you do care about into the appropriate Operating System

You may come across a directory without a readme.txt. Just use some common sense (NDIS62 . . . Windows 6.2 . . . Windows 7?)

You may even come across a readme.txt that has two Operating Systems that you support, so copy them

Eventually you will run into some WinPE Drivers. Move them where they need to be (unzip as needed)

Here is what your Intel Ethernet Drivers look like if you need all Operating Systems

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