New-OSBuild PE

While the pictures may show me running Updates (SSU LCU), don't do this. Keep it clean and use the -SkipUpdates parameter and -SkipComponentCleanup

Now its time to add the WinPE ADK and ADKLang to the OSBuild

New-OSBuild -SkipTask -SelectContentPacks -HideCleanupProgress -Download -Execute

Select the MultiLang OSBuild and press OK

You will be prompted to select ContentPacks. Select the WinPE ones

Now kick back and let it process. This will take a considerable amount of time to process. It is normal to receive warnings for ADK Language files if you don't have the Language Neutral Package installed. Review the logs for more information

You can now move this OSBuild into your Production OSDBuilder Home and use this as an OSImport. OSBuilds created from this image should be much quicker to process since you don't have to do a full MultiLang

Final Steps

Keep in mind you will still need to set the proper Language information in a New-OSBuildTask, including the SourcesLanguageCopy. The SourcesLanguageCopy should be added to ContentPacks shortly

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