Multilang FOD RSAT

To properly add RSAT to Windows 10 using ContentPacks and proper Language support, follow these steps. Languages are selected by the System Language and the installed Language Packs

Windows 10 1909 uses the same FOD as Windows 10 1903

Mount Features on Demand ISO

You will need to first mount the Features on Demand ISO

Copy Script

Adjust the following script to copy the content to the ContentPack. Modify and repeat as necessary

#Path to the mounted Features on Demand ISO
$FodISO = 'G:\'

#Set the Arch and ReleaseId of the mounted FOD ISO
$Arch = 'x64'
$ReleaseId = '1903'

#ContentPack Name
$ContentPack = 'MultiLang FOD RSAT'

#Languages to support
#The first value must be $null for Language Neutral
#Second value can be * for all Languages
#Second or additional values can be the Language.  eg. en-us
$Languages = @($null,'*')

#Do not modify below this line
#Initialize OSDBuilder
OSDBuilder -Initialize

#Create the ContentPack
New-OSDBuilderContentPack -Name $ContentPack -ContentType OS

#Destination Path
$Destination = "$SetOSDBuilderPathContentPacks\$ContentPack\OSCapability\$ReleaseID $Arch RSAT"

#Process Content
$Architectures = @('x86','amd64','wow64')
if (!(Test-Path $Destination)) {New-Item $Destination -ItemType Directory -Force | Out-Null}
foreach ($Language in $Languages) {
    foreach ($Architecture in $Architectures) {
        Get-ChildItem $FodISO -Recurse -Include metadata,,"Microsoft-Windows*FoD*$Architecture~$" -Exclude *LanguageFeatures*,*Holographic* | foreach {
            if (!(Test-Path "$Destination\$($_.Name)")) {
                Write-Output "$Destination\$($_.Name)"
                Copy-Item $_.FullName $Destination -Force -Recurse

Remove Unnecessary Content

You can now safely remove all directories in the ContentPack except for OSCapability

In the OSCapability directory, remove the non-RSAT directories


Now simply add the ContentPack to your MultiLang OSBuild Task with the AddContentPacks parameter. During New-OSBuild, RSAT will be enabled with the proper Language support

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