Download Updates

Probably the best feature of OSDBuilder is the ability to download Microsoft Updates. While you can do this with Update-OSMedia -Download, you can also download Microsoft Updates manually

Make sure you use the GridView parameter so you can select the Microsoft Updates to download. There are Optional Updates for MicroCode that you may not want added to your Windows Images

Optional Updates are not used with Update-OSMedia, but only applied with New-OSBuild

Get-OSDBuilderDownloads -GridView

You can download updates using Get-OSDBuilderDownloads. You can adjust the parameters to narrow down your scope

Get-OSDBuilderDownloads -Download -GridView -UpdateArch x64 -UpdateBuild 1803 -UpdateOS "Windows 10"

Then simply select the Updates that you want to download and press OK

The selected updates will be downloaded using BITS Transfer. If you need to download non-interactively use the WebClient parameter

Downloads will be saved in OSDBuilder\Content\OSDUpdate

Remove Superseded

When new Updates are released, you can use the Superseded parameter to remove old Updates

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