ContentPack Configuration

Sort out your ContentPacks. The goal is not to perform any Customizations, only to add Packages. Follow the guides for creating a ContentPack and a MultiLang ContentPack

My Content

This is how I have my ContentPacks organized

  • _Global
    • Nothing. There is nothing in here!
  • Baseline OS
    • OSCapability\1909 x64 RSAT
      • This contains EVERY Language. This is important, unless you want to filter out the languages you need
    • OSStartLayout\ALL
      • Yes I have a StartLayout.xml that I want to apply
  • Baseline PE
    • PEADK\1909 x64
      • I keep the ADK packages that I want, and include the en-us language files. This is my Base language
    • PEDaRT
      • and my DartConfig.dat
  • MultiLang *
    • OSLanguageFeatures
      • Language Features on Demand
    • OSLanguagePacks
      • The Language Pack for this Language
    • OSLocalExperiencePacks
      • Any Local Experience Packs that are needed
  • MultiLang PE *
    • PEADKLang\1909 x64
      • Speech TTS cab for this Language
      • ADK Language files in a Language subdirectory