ContentPack Configuration

Sort out your ContentPacks. The goal is not to perform any Customizations, only to add Packages. Follow the guides for creating a ContentPack and a MultiLang ContentPack

My Content

This is how I have my ContentPacks organized

      Nothing. There is nothing in here!
    Baseline OS
      OSCapability\1909 x64 RSAT
        This contains EVERY Language. This is important, unless you want to filter out the languages you need
        Yes I have a StartLayout.xml that I want to apply
    Baseline PE
      PEADK\1909 x64
        I keep the ADK packages that I want, and include the en-us language files. This is my Base language
      PEDaRT and my DartConfig.dat
    MultiLang *
        Language Features on Demand
        The Language Pack for this Language
        Any Local Experience Packs that are needed
    MultiLang PE *
      PEADKLang\1909 x64
        Speech TTS cab for this Language
        ADK Language files in a Language subdirectory
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My Content