ContentPacks are new to OSDBuilder in that they can replace all the individual content that you normally add to a New-OSBuildTask

How Do I Enable Them?

If you are using an existing OSDBuilder Home, you may be using Drivers, ExtraFiles, Registry, and Scripts in Templates. If you are not using them, delete the directories to enable ContentPacks

Can they co-exist? Sure, but at this point I am putting all efforts into ContentPacks, and would rather kill off the duplicate functionality in Templates

If you have content in them, make a new ContentPack and start moving your files in there


By default, you have a Global ContentPack which is applied to every New-OSBuild that is created (if you have ContentPacks enabled)


Start by creating a new ContentPack for Windows 10 using the following command. Without any parameters, the directory structure will include everything, much like the _Global ContentPack

New-OSDBuilderContentPack -Name 'Windows 10'

ContentType OS

To limit the ContentPack to OS related Content, you can set the ContentType parameter to OS

New-OSDBuilderContentPack -Name OS -ContentType OS

ContentType WinPE

Just like OS, WinPE can be separated as well

New-OSDBuilderContentPack -Name WinPE -ContentType WinPE

ContentType MultiLang

And yes, MultiLang ContentPacks can be created as well

New-OSDBuilderContentPack -Name MultiLang -ContentType MultiLang