Clean Start

Create a new OSDBuilder Home

Create a new Directory and add the following two files. It's important to create a new instance to ensure you don't have any noise (like OneDrive, or Updates). You are free to do your own thing, but if you need help, I'll have you follow this process ...


To ensure that you don't have any rules that will supersede this OSDBuilder Home, set the AllowGlobalOptions to false

    "AllowGlobalOptions": false

If you have a shared Mount or Updates directory, this is OK, but keep your settings limited. Save and close this file.

     "AllowGlobalOptions": false,
     "PathMount": "D:\\OSD\\Mount",
     "PathUpdates": "D:\\OSD\\Updates"


This should be very simple and allows you to just run this file to set the Home to this directory. You should add these to every OSDBuilder Home that you have to make things easier

OSDBuilder -SetHome $PSScriptRoot

Build BaselineML

Now execute SetHome.ps1 and make sure everything looks good. Close this PowerShell Session

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