ContentPack Structure

Directories within PEADK are created by default and follows this logical assignment

PEADK\$ReleaseId $Architecture

That being said, if you need one for Windows 10 1909 x86, just manually create the following directory

PEADK\1909 x86

Add Content

Don't over-complicate this one. Simply add the WinPE OC's (and the matching Language OC's) to the corresponding directory. Remove the ones you don't need. If you need suggestions, this is what I choose by default. I don't use MDAC, so if you need that Optional Component, then leave it in there. Also, keep in mind that 1903 and 1909 use the same ADK Optional Components, so you will need to replicate the files in both directories if you use 1903


This will take a little time to build, but every WinPE ADK OC will be added to WinPE, WinRE, and WinSE. OSDBuilder will filter some ADK Packages automatically, for example, you won't be able to add a Setup Package to WinPE or WinRE

New-OSBuild -SkipTask -Execute -SkipComponentCleanup -SkipUpdates -CreateISO


Now you have PowerShell in Windows Setup Environment :)

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