Create a VHD

This is a new function as has not been fully developed yet, but there are a few simple parameters. You can specify the OS Drive Label (default is OSDisk) and the VHD Size (default is 50). More parameters will be added later
For now, if the OS Major Version is 10 (Windows 10, Server 2016, Server 2019) the Partition Style will be UEFI VHDX, otherwise it will be a BIOS VHD
If the FullName (Full Path) parameter is not specified, you will be prompted to select an OSMedia or OSBuild
And the VHD or VHDX will be saved in a VHD subdirectory of your selected OSMedia or OSBuild
Many thanks to Mikael Nystrom as much of the code came from his post from 2013 which is still on point