OSMedia Baseline

MMSJazz Edition or Newer

If you have worked with ContentPacks and have your Appx configuration all sorted out, you can create an OSMedia Baseline. The purpose of the Baseline is to have a good starting point for your future images. OSMedia is the typical rebase, but if you are always adding things like ADK Packages, removing Appx Packages, adding RSAT, or even MultiLang, then you should consider doing this

Don't include any Dynamic content, like Drivers, or updating OneDrive. Keep it to things that will not change, like Packages. And ... unless you have bought me a beer, don't ask me for support on this as it is way outside of the normal process

New OSDBuilder Home

You want to start with a clean OSDBuilder Home. These are the commands that I used

OSDBuilder -SetHome D:\OSDBuilder\Baseline

Import-OSMedia -Update

Import a clean image and have it fully patched using the Update parameter. This is the Command that I used

Import-OSMedia -EditionId Enterprise -Update

Move ContentPacks

While my OSMedia is getting created, it's time to move my ContentPacks from my default OSDBuilder Home to my OSDBuilder Baseline. These are the ContentPacks that I have selected


Now it's time to create a Baseline Task. I typically just remove Appx

Don't enable NetFX 3.5 as this will prevent you from being able to Optimize your WIM. Save that for a real OSBuild. Additionally there may be other Optional Features that you enable or disable that will have Pending actions, so keep your changes minimal

New-OSBuildTask -TaskName "Win10 1909 x64 Baseline" -RemoveAppx

Here is a snippet of the Appx Packages I removed

"RemoveAppxProvisionedPackage":  [


Now its time to create your OSBuild

New-OSBuild -Execute -CreateISO -HideCleanupProgress

When complete, give it a good Rename so you can identify the Baseline and copy it to your production OSDBuilder Home. In the OSImport directory, you will probably now have a duplicate (the original, and the Baseline)

Get-OSMedia -GridView

Its a good idea at this point to remove any previously created OSMedia (not OSImport) that was not created with the Baseline, as well as editing any TASKS that you have created with references to Appx or ADK

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