Import-OSMedia -BuildNetFX

The most common change that people want when Offline Servicing is to enable NetFX 3.5. I'll start by mentioning that this change was one that Master Johan discussed with me when he was working on his Building the Perfect Windows Server 2019 Reference Image

His current process calls for the following commands

After listening to his feedback and making some new changes in OSDBuilder 19.10.21, his script can now be simplified with some new Parameters, Update and BuildNetFX. You can omit Update, but leaving this in there will speed things up considerably in the future when you want to release an updated OSBuild

Finally, I would strongly recommend making sure that the OSDSUS PowerShell Module is updated so you can have the latest Microsoft Update


So put that all together in a single PowerShell command. Screenshots are broken to make things a little easier to follow

Import-OSMedia -ImageName 'Windows 10 Enterprise' -SkipGrid -Update -BuildNetFX

Import Phase

Update Phase

Build Phase

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