• Requires directories in C:\OSDBuilder\Content\Drivers

Add Drivers Content

For example, I want to take the Dell WinPE CAB and include that in WinPE. I can find the latest Dell WinPE CABs at this link to find the latest WinPE Driver Pack

I'll expand the CAB to C:\OSDBuilder\Content\Drivers

And then separate the x64 and x86 Drivers into some logical directories


When updating my OSBuild Task, I'll use the following PowerShell Command Line

New-OSBuildTask -TaskName SeguraOSD -ContentWinPEDrivers

This will allow me to select the proper WinPE Driver Pack to add to the OSBuild Task


"WinPEDrivers":  [
                     "Drivers\\WinPE Dell Win10 x64 A13"

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