• Requires PowerShell files in C:\OSDBuilder\Content\Scripts

Add Scripts Content

I have a nice little PowerShell script that I want to apply to each WinPE to set the Default Time Zone from Seattle's Pacific Time to Houston's Central Time, so this is what I have

I'll need to add the PS1 file to the Content Scripts directory at C:\OSDBuilder\Content\Scripts


New-OSBuildTask -TaskName SeguraOSD -ContentWinPEScripts

Multiple Prompts

I will be prompted to add Scripts three times, one for each Preinstallation Environment (WinPE | WinRE | WinSE)


"WinPEScriptsPE":  [
    "Scripts\\WinPE Global Set-TimeZone CentralStandardTime.ps1"
"WinPEScriptsRE":  [
    "Scripts\\WinPE Global Set-TimeZone CentralStandardTime.ps1"
"WinPEScriptsSE":  null,

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