OSDBuilder is a PowerShell Module that is published in the PowerShell Gallery

After installing OSDBuilder, you should close all open PowerShell sessions to ensure that the Module is fully loaded

Clean Install

If you don't have an existing version of OSDBuilder installed, you can simply Install and Import OSBuilder with the following PowerShell commands

Install-Module -Name OSDBuilder -Force
Import-Module -Name OSDBuilder -Force

Upgrade from OSBuilder

OSDBuilder is a completely separate PowerShell Module from OSBuilder, and it shares the same function names. These two Modules cannot coexist, and OSBuilder should be removed before installing OSDBuilder

Uninstall-Module OSBuilder -AllVersions -Force
Install-Module OSDBuilder -Force
Import-Module OSDBuilder -Force

Update to Latest Version

If you have an existing version of OSBuilder, you can easily do this with the following PowerShell Command

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