So you have locked down your Basic Task, and you want to make sure that it gets applied every time you create an OSBuild with that specific OSMedia, simply move the Task JSON file from the Tasks directory into the Templates directory

New-OSBuildTask -SaveAs Template

To save a Task as a Template, use the -SaveAs Template parameter

New-OSBuildTask -TaskName "Enable NetFX" -EnableNetFX3 -SaveAs Template

The Task will be saved into the Templates directory. This specific Template will enable NetFX every time the OSMFamily "Client Enterprise x64 17763 en-US" is used

Global Templates

When using the -SaveAs Template parameter and adding the word Global to the Task Name, you will have a Global Template. This means that every OSBuild that is created, regardless of the Operating System, will have the settings applied

New-OSBuildTask -TaskName "Global Enable NetFX" -EnableNetFX3 -SaveAs Template

New-OSBuild Execution

Templates that are applied will be displayed when executing New-OSBuild

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