MMSJazz Edition or Newer


Initialization was something new that was released in OSDBuilder MMSJazz Edition. You will see this initialization when you run OSDBuilder in a new PowerShell session. Subsequent executions of OSDBuilder will not display this notification

You can force this to happen again by adding the Initialize parameter. Adding Verbose shows more details

OSDBuilder -Initialize -Verbose

Finally you can also use the separate function to re-initialize things


So what does this mean?

Global GET Variable

What's really happening is OSDBuilder is setting some Global Variables. You can see this by simply using the following command


What's important to understand is that these variables are GET, which means they are set automatically and cannot be modified

Global SET Variable

While you can't change the GET Variables, OSDBuilder includes some variables that can be set


and these happen to match up perfectly with

Setting OSDBuilder Variables

The OSDBuilder SET Variables can be controlled by a JSON file in the root of the OSDBuilder Home (Local), or in ProgramData (Global)

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