OS Information

Every time an Operating System is mounted, information is exported and saved in the info directory. To recover space, you may clear out any historical information that contains a date in the file name, but all other files are required by OSDBuilder and should not be deleted. You can easily view the TXT files for information


To have PowerShell display the information about any OSDBuilder Media (OSMedia, OSBuild, or PEBuild), the following command can be used

You will be prompted to select an OSDBuilder Media and press OK

This function will read the exported Operating System information and display the following

  • Enabled Appx Provisioned Packages

  • Windows Packages

  • Windows Packages (Language)

  • Windows Capabilities

  • Windows Capabilities (Language)

  • Windows Optional Features (Enabled)

  • Windows Optional Features (Enable Pending)

  • Windows Optional Features (Disabled)

  • Windows Optional Features (Disabled with Payload Removed)

  • Windows Update Packages

  • Windows Image Information

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