• Requires files in C:\OSDBuilder\Content\DaRT\DaRT 10

  • Requires Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

  • Requires Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

About Microsoft DaRT

You can add Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (MS DaRT) to OSDBuilder using a few simple steps. If you don't know what Microsoft DaRT is, take a quick read at this link

Install Microsoft DaRT

Install Microsoft DaRT on a Windows 10 computer and include the Recovery Image option. Once Microsoft DaRT is installed, copy the Tools CAB files from the installation directory

Add MS DaRT Tools to Content

Copy the files to OSDBuilder's Content\DaRT\Dart 10 directory

Add DaRT Config from MDT

From an MDT installation, copy the DartConfig8.dat file to the same OSDBuilder Content directory


Use the following PowerShell command to select the MS DaRT Tools CAB and have it added to the OSBuild Task

New-OSBuildTask -TaskName SeguraOSD -ContentWinPEDaRT


"WinPEDaRT":  "DaRT\\DaRT 10\\",

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