• Requires directories in C:\OSDBuilder\Content\ExtraFiles

Add ExtraFiles Content

Start by creating a directory in C:\OSDBuilder\Content\ExtraFiles. Once this directory is created, add a directory structure that matches the location of the files to be added. In my example, I am copying 4 files to WinPE in the Windows\System32 directory, so I will place these files in OSDBuilder at 'C:\OSDBuilder\Content\ExtraFiles\WinPE Wallpaper\Windows\System32'


Use the following command to select ExtraFiles directories to add to WinPE

New-OSBuildTask -TaskName SeguraOSD -ContentWinPEExtraFiles

Multiple Prompts

I will be prompted to add Extra Files three times, one for each Preinstallation Environment (WinPE | WinRE | WinSE)


"WinPEExtraFilesPE":  [
                          "ExtraFiles\\WinPE Wallpaper",
                          "ExtraFiles\\WinPE WmiExplorer"
"WinPEExtraFilesRE":  [
                          "ExtraFiles\\WinPE Wallpaper"
"WinPEExtraFilesSE":  [
                          "ExtraFiles\\WinPE WmiExplorer"

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