Again, its important not to apply any Microsoft Updates at this time. Trust me .. if not, then do your worst and go through all the LOGS to find out the problem with your MultiLang

Additionally, don't enable NetFX 3.5 or you won't be able to Cleanup the image

I opt to run an OS ContentPacks first and do the PE ContentPacks second. This helps speed things along to ensure that everything is working well. Let's have a look at the New-OSBuild Parameters

  • SkipTask - Skipping the Task allows the selection of the Operating System

  • SelectContentPacks - You should only select the MultiLang OS ContentPack

  • SkipUpdates - Now is not the right time to add Updates

  • SkipComponentCleanup - This is not necessary as Updates will not be processed

  • Execute - Create the OSBuild

New-OSBuild -SkipTask -SelectContentPacks -SkipUpdates -SkipComponentCleanup -Execute

I'll be prompted to select the OSImport and then to select the ContentPacks. I'll only pick the OS ones at this time and let it rip

During the OSBuild process, the Language Packs will be installed first

Followed up with the Language Features on Demand

Finally the Local Experience Packs and the RSAT Windows Capabilities


This is a great function that will give you lots of information about the Windows Image. This image shows the Local Experience Packs and the RSAT Windows Capabilities

Language Capabilities (Features on Demand)

Language Packs

Language Features

Finally RSAT with full MultiLang support

Import OSBuild

This may be a strange concept, but at this point, move the completed OSBuild into OSImport

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