Review the Logs

I'll start by stating that this page was prompted by the following tweet


And a quick reminder from my Support page


If do fully expect that everyone using OSDBuilder is Technical. I do expect you to do some level of troubleshooting.

To help you with this, I have taken great pains to include logs for just about everything that is done in OSDBuilder

If you do not want to review the logs for your troubleshooting, that's fine, but I do not have the time to review everyone's logs and tell them what they should do. I'm sure OSDBuilder has saved you hours of time, so pay it back by doing the troubleshooting and let me know what you have solved and share it out.

I do realize that some situations arise where you don't know what you are doing, and need a little help, here is a Tip Jar that you can donate to if you feel generous

4 DotNet Cumulative Updates

Let's start by taking a look at Paul's tweet where 4 DotNet Cumulative Updates. This is accurate. And while appearances show that there are duplicates. Keep in mind this is a brief summary of the updates you need and it doesn't show all the information

Its very easy to determine that these are bundles that each contain two updates. Why? Because you may have two versions of .NET Framework (3.5 and 4.8). Got it?

If you want to see the full details about your OSMedia, you can always add the Verbose parameter. In this view it is very clear that the exact DotNet Cumulative Update that is needed

Get-OSMedia -Verbose

So while Paul didn't specifically state that there was an issue with the display of 4 updates (two look like they are duplicated), it can be easy to see the duplicates as a problem if you're not expecting it

The Error Message

Yes, from time to time you will get error messages. Is it a problem with OSDBuilder? Maybe ... Maybe not. In this specific case you can see the errors in the screenshot below. These are DISM related errors that indicate a DISM failure and an Error Code. Additionally, OSDBuilder has thrown the LOG file that you need to look in to troubleshoot. So do that!

The Error Code 0x8007371b

It will actually take you longer to tweet a screenshot and error, and to ping me, and wait for a reply than it would be to actually google the Error Code. Here is what the Error Code means

One or more required members of the transaction are not present.

Ok, that's may or may not be helpful, your LOGS should fill in the blanks, and it does. In very clear terms, the LOG indicates that a file that needs to be updated is missing

So this is a problem right? Maybe it is, or not, but you should realize that .Net Framework has features that are not installed by default, so this error may in fact be normal.

Now if you were to spend a little more time in the logs, you can probably find out for sure if the Package installed or not ... and it does

Is The Update Installed?

Ask your good friend -Verbose to answer that question for you

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