Update-OSMedia is used to apply Microsoft Updates to an OSImport or an existing OSMedia. Start by using the following command without any parameters


A GridView list of existing OSImport or OSMedia that need to be updated will be displayed. You can select multiple Operating Systems to update. Select an Operating System and press OK

When executing Update-OSMedia without any parameters, only information will be display (no actions will take place). In this example, I have not downloaded any updates, so they show 'Missing'


To download the required Microsoft Updates, you can use the OSDBuilder function

pageDownload OSMediaUpdates

or you can simply add the Download parameter

Update-OSMedia -Download

This will automatically download the required Microsoft Updates that are needed for the selected Operating Systems


Before you Update-OSMedia, make sure you have your OneDrive Sync Client updated first

pageDownload OneDrive

Then simply use the Execute parameter to begin the process

Update-OSMedia -Execute

You can use both the Download and Execute parameters together to complete both in a single step with the following command:

Update-OSMedia -Download -Execute

This process will take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to complete on a good system. Plan on taking a break while the process is running and make sure you do not have an AntiVirus On Access Scan running

Complete Process

The image below is the complete Update-OSMedia process. Right click and open in a new tab for best results

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