OSDrivers PEDrivers

Drivers can be added to an OS using OSDrivers and WinPE using PEDrivers

ContentPack Structure

Directories within OSDrivers and PEDrivers are created by default and follows this logical assignment

    Universal Drivers for both x64 and x86
    Drivers for a specific Architecture

Add Content

Place your expanded Drivers in the corresponding Architecture directory within OSDrivers. If you need to add 32 Bit Drivers, simply create an x86 directory and add them in there. Don't go crazy and put in Driver Packs, just add what you need. For example these Intel Drivers I am adding resolve a Black Screen issue. Add these same Drivers to your PEDrivers directory, the same way ...


If everything looks good here!

New-OSBuild -SkipTask -Execute -SkipComponentCleanup -SkipUpdates -CreateISO

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