OSBuild MultiLang Test

Now time to test OSBuild MultiLang

WinSE (Windows Setup Environment)

This boots just like the last OSBuild, select a WinSE Language

And then a Windows installation

No comment

Here is where things change. I selected English (United States) but since this Language is in all Indexes, I am presented with a selection. The Index without the Language is the one I should select because that is the one with en-US as the System UI

But let's say I choose French

Again, select the Image without the Language as this will be the French System UI

Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows Upgrade from the ISO is similar, I can select any Image Index as they all contain fr-FR

But selecting Windows 10 Enterprise fr-FR is the only one that will let me perform an Upgrade

The End

This guide has taken quite a bit of time, I hope you gain some knowledge from it. Good luck!

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