You can use Get-Help -Full to match up the Parameters to these values. Each of these can be set in the Global or Local OSDBuilder.json

    "ImportOSMediaAllowUnsupporteOS":  false,
    "ImportOSMediaBuildNetFX":  false,
    "ImportOSMediaEditionId":  null,
    "ImportOSMediaImageIndex":  null,
    "ImportOSMediaImageName":  null,
    "ImportOSMediaShowInfo":  false,
    "ImportOSMediaSkipGrid":  false,
    "ImportOSMediaSkipFeatureUpdates":  false,
    "ImportOSMediaUpdate":  false

Import Enterprise Only

If you only ever import Windows 10 Enterprise, then use this setting

    "ImportOSMediaEditionId":  "Enterprise"


Setting these values will automatically Update-OSMedia and create a NetFX New-OSBuild when you import an Operating System

    "ImportOSMediaUpdate":  true,
    "ImportOSMediaBuildNetFX":  true

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