Redirecting Paths

One of the best uses of OSDBuilder Settings is to redirect paths. In this example I have two OSDBuilder Home directories for keeping Development and Production separate. The issue with this is the duplicated work. For example I need to import identical Operating Systems, and download identical Updates. Keeping some things in sync can be quite a challenge

Global OSDBuilder.json

In this case, I can choose which directories to redirect and add them to a JSON file and save it in %ProgramData%\OSDeploy\OSDBuilder.json

"PathContent": "C:\\OSDBuilder\\Shared\\Content",
"PathContentPacks": "C:\\OSDBuilder\\Shared\\ContentPacks",
"PathFeatureUpdates": "C:\\OSDBuilder\\Shared\\FeatureUpdates",
"PathMount": "C:\\OSDBuilder\\Shared\\Mount",
"PathOSImport": "C:\\OSDBuilder\\Shared\\OSImport",
"PathOSMedia": "C:\\OSDBuilder\\Shared\\OSMedia",
"PathUpdates": "C:\\OSDBuilder\\Shared\\Updates"

Close all open PowerShell sessions to clear everything, or just reinitialize OSDBuilder

OSDBuilder -Initialize -Verbose

If everything worked right, Verbose will display any added settings

I can then move and merge the shared Directories

Since things were set in a Global file, any new OSDBuilder Home will also inherit these settings